GOLDEN light and hard Molding Paste September 26 and October 3 from 1-3

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The class is on ZOOM and will be recorded. the total cost for the two sessions is $40.000 and you may pay on the website,e-transfer to my email or send a cheque.

Both products are amazing and work very differently! It will just be a two week class but you will definitely know how to use these products with four different projects and you can continue using the products in your future acrylic paintings. I did 4 samples so that you could see how the acrylic paint works with different applications.

The subject matter is your choice but I will vary with my examples. You may choose to use my photos or your own. Please email me at with any questions.

Supplies. GOLDEN

8 oz. soft molding paste

8 oz hard molding paste

Soft gel gloss

One tube of OPEN dark colour acrylic paint or more. I like colour so I have many colours. You could also buy a jar of OPEN soft gel and just mix into your regular acrylic colours to get the long open time.

Palette knife and cheaper stiff brushes from the Dollar Store. I have a few flats that I like.

Surfaces to work on…For my samples I just used 300 lb. Watercolour paper but for the class I will work on cradled panels. It is up to you. In the first class I will show you how to prepare the boards correctly and then do the first exercise with the light molding paste. For this one you just need a surface like you would have for a regular acrylic painting.