Ariel Lyons is an artist from Ottawa.


                               I have recently moved to Ottawa from Lambton County (Petrolia) and am now involved in the artistic community in Ottawa. As well as exhibiting my work, I also promote GOLDEN paints as a GOLDEN Art Educator. 


2020                           Face a Face, Galerie Old Chelsea

2016 -2019                New Edinburgh Studio Tour

2019                          Elmwood 

2016                          Faces of the Camino, Victoria Hall, Petrolia                        


December 2015        Projects Gallery, Miami, Square Foot Show                        

 June 2015               Tales of Two Women, GITG Brights Grove                        


Feb-April 2014          Fluid Explorations, four person show at JNAGG, Sarnia    


February 2014           Heidi Berger/Ariel Lyons Art Splash, Barbados                  


Group Shows, Lawton Gallery, Lawrence House, An Event Apart, Victoria Hall               


January 2008            Offerings, One person show at Gallery Lambton                 


2005                          North Eastern Watercolour,USA Design award                     


2003                          Elected CSPWC                                                                     


2002                         CSPWC, 1999, Daler-Rowney Award for Excellence


2004 - 2005               Paint Ontario Juried Show                                                                       




Education                  BA in Fine Arts, McMaster, BEd University of Western Ontario




Teaching                   I taught Art at the High School level and also at Lambton College during 1970-2002

                                  Painting Workshops in Canada, Barbados and art travel groups to Europe and USA

                                  I am currently part of the Golden Art Educator Program for GOLDEN




Different situations call for different techniques and mediums so I use a variety of techniques so that I can experiement and react to my changing environment and to the people I encounter. Colour, shape,texture and the careful selection of material that will enhance a work are crucial. Constant experimentation and intuitive painting then lead me to a personal style that can appropriately commuicate my message.


In my portraits, I work to go beyond the pure representation of an individual so that when people see my work they will stop and examine it and see the unique quality and yet feel a connection with someone they have never met. 


In my works representing the environment where Iive or travel i work from photos and sketches but really as an aid to observation.I like to include materials from the country such as labels, wrappers or bits of earth and incorporate the them in the work so that the connection with the place is strengthened. I want to express my reality of the place.