Landscape - Focus on Line, Shape and Colour , Tuesday Afternoon 1-3

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A new course…. Exploring Landscape with Line Shape and Colour…
I am planning to focus on tree shape and rock shapes but of course you can take the ideas and work them to landscapes that attract you.
I don’t like to copy a photo but rather use it as a reference to work expanding the shapes colours and lines that appeal to me. 

I am starting with working the source from a notan… black and white design…..and value study. From here the idea is to work with a neutral palette and then expand to the use of a personal palette and finally to a palette focusing on complementary colours. The final of the four different classes will be taking these ideas to an individual representation working from the previous three.

You can choose to work in oil or acrylic for all exercises and your finished work.I am including some samples… I have more to work on but this will give you an idea…These are sample exercises I am working on…. The two below are more      finished. 

Classes are Tuesday Afternoon 1-3   April 12,19,26 and May 3. 
All classes are on ZOOM and are recorded. I try to have the recordings out by Wednesday morning. There is also a class on Tuesday evening and if something comes up you can switch classes for the day. I send out recordings for both classes.

The cost for the four classes is $80.00 and you can send a cheque to 128 Howick Street, Ottawa, ON K1M 0G8 
Send an e-transfer or pay on my website.
Let me know if you have any questions….